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Snow Day in Georgetown

Despite the fact that it is officially spring, it looks like more snow is coming our way on Tuesday. While this thought is somewhat depressing given my longing for sunshine, warmth, and cherry blossoms, I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility of a snow day by thinking about what I will do Tuesday if all of my meetings are cancelled and my office officially closed. Here goes:

Constance Chatfield-Taylor
Constance Chatfield-Taylor

1. Clean out a closet that I have been meaning to clean out for months. And maybe also my junk drawer.

2. Work on getting all of my tax paperwork together.

3. Write 5 notes or cards to people I love, just because.

4. Make some sales calls to customers not located on the East Coast.

5. Go for a quiet walk in snowy Georgetown, in my ski clothes.

6. Do laundry.

7. Have an at-home spa hour: at-home mani/pedi, and facial scrub and mask.

8. Review the accomplishments of this first quarter and figure out what I am going to focus on during Q2.

9. Watch The Day After Tomorrow (which I feel like I am living in!).

10. Start planning my next beach vacation.