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Skip the New Year's Resolutions

Instead, organize your kitchen.

January is the perfect time to dispose of holiday leftovers and simplify the most essential room in your home: the kitchen.

Will you EVER use that panini maker? Making your kitchen a partner in your wellness goals is more important than you realize. 

Counter clutter is the enemy of healthy food prep!

Here are some Kitchen Intervention tips to start 2024 with healthier habits and a kitchen that supports your health and wellness goals.
Use three boxes when organizing your kitchen: Keep, Donate, and Trash. Doing this prevents messy pile management and simplifies getting trash and donations OUT.

If you have ANY non-stick pans with scratched or peeling surfaces, throw them out! Replace with new, healthier, non-toxic cookware.
January is the perfect time to declutter counters. It doesn't belong on the counter if you don't use it daily (like a tea kettle or coffee maker). Take this opportunity to create clear counters for preparing healthy, nutritious meals.

Is it tired? You know, things like old dish towels, yucky plastic food storage containers, burned oven mitts. Toss it and have the JOY of buying new for the new energy you are creating.

Sniff your spices and check expiration dates. There is no need to hang on to old and expired food. If the spice has no smell, it's trash; same with expired, unopened canned and boxed food.

Pull everything out of the freezer and make a plan for frozen and forgotten foods. Food loses its nutritional value over time, so use or lose it.

And finally, add one NEW habit to 2024 to energize you daily. Get your complimentary 14-day Hydration Training and experience the life-changing power of proper hydration. Here is your hydration training!

Zestfully Yours,
Kristen  🍋