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Skip The Food Hangover

If you have ever had a food hangover, you would know it.

Last week I met a friend for a pre-movie dinner. I had a big salmon salad, and we shared a crab dip appetizer. The next day I felt hung over—a little nauseous, headachy, and generally bloated. We did not have any alcoholic beverages, so it wasn't that.

What I experienced is known as the dreaded food hangover. It's when a meal at a restaurant (or sometimes at a friend's house) contains high amounts of sodium chloride (lab-made salt), cheap processed oils, added sugar, and even artificial ingredients.

Kristen Coffield
Photo by Kristen Coffield

I also made the fatal mistake of not being well-hydrated before dinner. Hydration has many benefits for our bodies and brains. When adequately hydrated, it's easier to make better food choices and avoid overeating vs. chowing down because we can't tell if we are hungry or thirsty.
The bottom line was I felt yucky all day.
 Here are 3 ways to avoid a food hangover.
 1. Always be well-hydrated before going out to dinner.
 2. Have a healthy snack with fiber, fat, and protein at home. To prevent 
 3. Never have salad dressing out. Instead, ask for oil and vinegar or 

The salad dressing is what did me in. And speaking of salad dressing, I have the best simple and delicious recipe and it only has five ingredients. Two of which are salt and pepper. Check it out :)