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Singin’ in the Rain

Believe it: Washington’s own Kandie Stroud got to sing back up for Barry Manilow for PBS’s Fourth of July celebration on the mall! “I got lucky again,” she told Hollywood on the Potomac, “and got to sing back up for Barry. A group of us went down to the very front of the apron of the stage, literally the first row. Barry is very warm and very sweet. He comes out and he sings right in the middle of us. When he’s playing piano, which is sort of on the main stage, we have to turn and watch him, and then he picks up the microphone and he walks down to this little circle stage which projects out into the audience. Then he decided he was going to conduct us in the part where we sing, which is cool because you can really make eye contact with him. He’s a wonderful performer and it’s a thrill to sing with him. It’s the third time I’ve done it with him and it’s so exciting to sing with such a big performer.”