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Andy (Bromberg) and Tucker (Bonds) met while they were at Facebook and Stanford respectively. They realized they had the same problem – cutting through the noise to find the most important news and what insiders were saying about it — in a clear feed.” Think Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard College roommates without the animosity. “People want to know the news better, and they want to do it on their phones,” Sidewire’s Meredith Carden – formerly with the office of Michelle Obama – told Hollywood on the Potomac. Sidewire celebrated their success at a rooftop top party at Jones Day in NW Washington.

Sidewire is your hotline app to political news that cuts through ‘the noise’ and mindless chatter as it were. One reviewer – federalist92 – puts it this way: “I just learned about Sidewire from a few friends. This is like a private social channel to receive the inside gossip from actual newsmakers and top-tier journalists. Twitter is decent for jokes. Facebook is good for spam and whiny posts from distant relatives. Sidewire, on the other hand, is super fast, super informative, and gives you insider access to news and politics. I can send items to friends via a WhatsApp style feature. Or, I can post juicy quotes to my own social media feed. This is perfect for the 2016 election, which I am already following assiduously. Really, really well done.”