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September Blues

Get back on track after the summer and holidays.

Feeling sad summer's over?

Many of our mindsets and habits, like the September Blues, are a way of feeling we developed as kids and carried into adulthood. 

Summer was fun, and fall, when school started, was not so fun. 

However, the September Blues have as much to do with feeling sad summer is over as they do with figuring out how to get back on track with all the other things in life that demand our attention.

Like me, you might find yourself with some sneaky, relaxed summer habits you feel ready to change. I might be a wellness coach, but I am also human; my summers are less disciplined without my Monday through Friday gym schedule. I also need to pay attention to hydration and what I put into my mouth, and all those fun summer activities can turn into sleep, mood, weight, and energy disruptions. 

September is a transitional time when a celebratory season ends and a seemingly more intentional season begins. It's also an ideal time to build new habits and lasting change. The beauty of transition is it disrupts our routine, creating an opportunity and space for something new and better.

Change things up. Get back on track with what makes you feel great; start with something easy, like hydration - I know, I know, but I bet you still struggle to sip half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day - or maybe schedule workouts at a different gym or sign up for a program you know you need and keep putting off. 

Use September to create habits for living your best life, things like: deep restorative sleep, boundless energy, elevated mood, lower stress, glowing skin, a healthy weight, and reducing dangerous inflammation in your body and brain.

I developed The Culinary Cure 21-Day Wellness Reset 6 years ago to get back on track after the summer and holidays. Since then, hundreds of people have joined the program and love how it feels to "restore" their factory settings. When you align your habits with what matters most, your health and happiness, it energizes every area of your life.

The best part is The 21-Day Wellness Reset works for EVERYONE! 

It's not restrictive or a diet; there is no counting calories, macros, or micros. It's about learning to live more vibrantly by creating a hydration practice and using intentional nutrition. The Culinary Cure 21-Day Wellness Reset might just be the perfect antidote for the September Blues and that something new you have been waiting for.

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