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Selecting the Right Professional For You

As a variety of skin treatments, especially injectables, are becoming more and more popular, it is important to consider the source. There are a myriad of entities offering treatments such as Botox and other neurotoxins and fillers, but it is important to consider if you have selected the correct professional to do the work. Not all outlets are of equal quality and not all people doing the work are as professional as others.

When considering who will be administering your treatment, there are some important things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, it’s wise to seek out a trained medical professional to plan and administer your treatment. The “best of the best” are members of the ‘core specialties’ of the cosmetic field (eg, dermatologists and plastic surgeons). Look at your physician’s credentials: are they board-certified in their specialty; have they published in medical journals; lectured at national meetings, had medical advisory status to appropriate companies (such as the makers of the products they are utilizing)? These would be among the leaders in the field.

Seek out information on experience. How long has your physician been performing these treatments? If you notice that there are various ‘Botox days’ or the like, you might question if the doctor has the regular patient volume to use up the product. You may also note if the physician is the one administering the treatment. If the actual injections are delegated to another person in the office, you are not receiving treatment by someone with advanced knowledge of facial anatomy—knowledge that is so important to achieving the optimal cosmetic outcome.

Lastly, note which product is being used. There are many out on the market-- each slightly different than the other. It’s vital that the correct product is being used on you—one that is right for your specific needs. Using the exact same combination of toxin and/or filler on every patient is just bad practice. Each individual face has different needs, and some neurotoxins and fillers are better suited to specific areas of the face like the cheeks vs. brow and lips vs. tear troughs.

Your face is among the first things people notice. Each one is our mirror; our presentation to the world-- we want to keep it looking the best it can. This is your goal is you are seeking these treatments. It’s important to remember that these injections are a medical procedure and, in the hands of a capable professional, you will achieve a highly satisfactory outcome that will last for many months. After all, you deserve to put your best face forward.