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See How Bees Do It at Dumbarton House

Dumbarton House presents From Hives to Honey: A Tasting with Bee America on Saturday, May 21 from 12:00 - 2 :00 pm.

Come to Dumbarton House for an afternoon of honey tasting and learn about bee keeping from a local, family-owned business. Bee America, based in Bethesda, MD, will explain how bees make honey and how to incorporate honey into multiple facets of your lives - it’s not just for sweetening tea! Discover the history of bee keeping in the United States and how honey is harvested and extracted from the hive.

Bee America will describe what factors influence a honey’s flavor and color and help you taste honey like an expert. Best of all, sample a carefully curated selection of varietal and artisanal honeys paired with seasonal foods! Receive tasting notes so you can show off your new honey tasting skills.

Tickets are $25. Sign up by May 17, 2016.

To purchase tickets, please click here.

Dumbartpn House is located at 2715 Q Street in Georgetown.