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Second Covid Vaccination Completed

One week ago I received my second shot of the Moderna vaccine. It was twenty-eight days since my first one. It is difficult to say how much this has meant to my peace of mind. I now know within about two weeks from receiving the second dose I will be over 90% protected. Can I still get it? The answer seems to be yes but most likely won’t even know it without getting a test. Yet those vaccinated can pass it on to someone else who hasn’t been vaccinated which is the reason to continue wearing a mask, washing our hands and keeping appropriate social distancing. It is the right thing to do.

As of February 20th it is estimated nearly sixty million doses of vaccine have been administered in the United States. Some states and localities doing better than others. In DC about 15% of the population has received one dose and about 7% received two. Right now both vaccines being used, Pfizer and Moderna, require two doses to be fully effective. What needs to happen is to ensure the vaccine is being distributed equitably to all sectors of the population. In DC it means sign-up for appointments on some days is being limited to people in certain zip codes who have not gotten their fair share.

Despite continuing to wear a mask my life will definitely begin to change. For one, I will be going back to Rehoboth Beach to see my sister and her partner who have also just received their second shots. For the first time in a year we will go out for a meal together. With those in my circle who have both shots I will be willing to eat inside a restaurant if that restaurant is complying in every way with covid restrictions.

I had two vacations planned this year. The first already cancelled was to have been a cruise down the Rhone in France at the end of May. The second is a transatlantic cruise planned for the end of October from Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale. I have high hopes that one will take place but then, it is dependent on what the situation is in Spain at the time and how cruise lines are dealing with the proposed CDC regulations. But we all need something to look forward too.

In the meantime we all need to continue to think about and fight for those who may be less fortunate than us. We need to push the federal government to pass the $1.9 trillion stimulus package to help individuals, small business and state and local governments recover from the pandemic. I applaud President Biden for rejoining the World Health Organization and agreeing to contribute $4 billion to their efforts to purchase vaccines for poor countries. We must remember this is a world-wide pandemic and we will not be fully recovered unless everyone is.

Locally we must ensure teachers are vaccinated so our children can get back in the classroom. We need to ensure budgets are adequate for summer school and all the other needs our children will have as they make up for what for some has been a lost year. Many have both educational and mental health needs caused by the pandemic.

My life and that of some of my friends is starting to change for the better and my mental health is definitely improving. But there are many who are not as fortunate and we must never forget them and keep fighting for them.