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Scariest Place on Earth!

This is not about pop-up ghosts or zombies, nor was this story made up for Halloween – it’s a real life horror show.

“As far back as I can remember, I was fascinated with the house on Brownsville Road. There were many great houses on that road, but this one – number 3406 – was special.” author Bob Cranmer

“I wanted this house all my life. It was built at the turn of the century – Victorian, mini mansion, historical landmark.” Cranmer told Hollywood on the Potomac. “When I left the military – I was a career military officer – my wife and I decided to leave that life and move home. All of a sudden, this house that I always even just wanted to go in and look at was on the market. I was very anxious to buy this house. It’s a great, as I said, Victorian, brownstone, cedar shake shingles. It looks like central casting for a haunted house picture.”

“At the time it was taking place, obviously it was all very private. Then when I got through it all – since I had kept very copious notes all during this process – I just thought ‘this is just unreal’ to have experienced this supernatural situation – not just once, not just twice but over several years. In 2007, I sat down and I took about 375 pages worth of notes that I had kept and I converted it into a narrative, an initial manuscript. Then I went into the long arduous process of publicizing it.” he added reflecting his decision to publish his book: The Demon of Brownsville Road.

The house was not considered to be ‘haunted’ but infested by a demon as categorized by the Catholic church. We wondered what the difference was……..haunted vs. demonized.

“Well a ghost, if you believe in them, is generally the soul of a person who passed on in some tragic event or something. A demon is actually the opposite of an angel. Again, if you believe in good and evil, the devil and God, one third of the angels were cast out of heaven by God with Lucifer. Those angels became demons. They were cast down to earth. They’re here with us. A demon is what, say in the movie The Exorcist, inhabited that little girl.”

“So is this a religious story?” we asked.