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Say What? No Cell Phones in Georgetown!

You know who you are. You can't get through a meal without photographing your entrée or texting friends. Imagine watching a Hoyas game with no cell phone.


As reported by Newsweek, "The school's athletic department announced Wednesday that it's creating an "actual reality" seating section for its January 20 game against St. John's. And if you sit there, you have to leave your devices at home—or, at least, check them at the door."

Chris Grosse, Georgetown's assistant athletic director for marketing, and his team told Newsweek the actual reality section was borne out of the simple thought, "Is there a way to disconnect people from their phones?"


“I’m a victim of this as much as anybody," Grosse said. "Over the summer I did a phone detox myself and I was, like, shaking after an hour and a half."

The ban will apply only to Section 118 on January 20th when the Hoyas face St. John's as part of their effort to encourage more face-to-face conversations.

To ease the symptoms of withdrawal, you'll get name tags of your neighbors and at halftime, a printout of the stats. For the desperate selfie addicts, Polaroids will be given out.

And after the game, send a postcard.