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'Savage News'

Natalie Savage grew up hearing these words from her beloved father, who admired Walter Cronkite so much he named the family dog after him. Natalie—who spent her twenties missing out on life’s benchmarks—finally sees her efforts pay off when she’s assigned to cover the White House for her network, ATN. The problem? The position is only temporary, a test to see if she has what it takes. She has always relied on her grit, her principles and her news sense to gain success. But now her competition is a twenty-six-year-old spoiled frat boy who got his big television break by eating raw animal parts on a reality show. Of course, he’s winning.” Savage News


“First and foremost I wanted it to be fun,” said author Jessica Yellin with lots of journalists at the book launch at City Centre’s St. John Pop Up at Centrolina. “So this book has a missing first lady, a reality TV star, sex, workplace drama and palace injury and it’s not a Trump administration tell-all. It’s a story about what it’s like to be a driven woman in journalism and I’ll tell you that in early drafts I started writing in 2014 there was polite ‘me too’ in it and all my early readers told me, ‘Oh God, you’ve got to take that out, no one wants to hear that.’ And then as I kept writing and the Harvey Weinstein thing happened everyone called me up and said, ‘Put it back in, put it back in.’ ” So she did.