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The Roothouse at the Venice Biennale

Carter+Burton Architecture exhibition featured at the Venice Biennale.

The soul of what is modern, has at its roots, traditions from classical antiquity. With that in mind, I recently commissioned Carter + Burton Architecture to design, aptly named, The Roothouse.  

Careful not to displace the natural beauty of its tranquil wooded site, all materials selected for The Roothouse complement its organic ethos.

It was a great honor to recently learn that The Roothouse is part of the only firm from Virginia participating in this year’s Venice Biennale, an international architecture exhibition.

“We have experimented with many new sustainable systems over the years,” says Jim Burton. “Working for Ron on The Roothouse design has been a joy as he has been a leader in promoting modern design in the DC region and he has been open to many new ideas for consideration in developing his project. 

Jim Burton at Venice Biennale
Jim Burton at Venice Biennale exhibit  Photo by

The house provides some of the key images of our exhibit wall. It is a study in CLT ( cross laminated timbers ) while creating a simple elegance of rhythm and light patterns highlighting the natural materials.”

With this exhibit,” he explains, “we are trying to bridge between education and practice to help share new and old knowledge about materials, building science, site conditions, and functional aspects while assuring there is a craft and beauty that will be appreciated.”