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Rocking before Rolling

A great deal of the success in selling a property is in the preparation for sale. If one's eye is on "the sale" rather than the myriad details of preparation, one is likely to overlook necessary details and wind up without a sale, or at a price lower than desired. I'm reading a book by Judy Tillman titled "Stroke of Insight." She is a brain scientest who had a massive stroke, and survived to write this very detailed book about that experience. In describing the first few days after her stroke, she tells about her desire to recover physically, and on this particular day, her desire to simply sit up. But before she can even think about sitting up, she has to learn to roll over. And it takes every ounce of her energy and determination to rock back and forth to gain enough momemtum to roll over. Her conclusion is that if her goal had been sitting up, she would have been defeated immediately. By setting a goal first to rock, and then second to roll, and then third to eventually sit up, she was able to accomplish one goal at a time...leading to sitting up finally. So focus on "rocking" with your house, before "rolling" with it.