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The Road to Baiona

If you’re headed to Spain from Portugal and have some leisure time, you may want to opt for the scenic coastal route to watch the whales and preying seagulls doing the food chain thing. We took the highway, a snooze fest of asphalt and mini gas/food stations. It was like what you would expect to see on an Interstate 95 roadie in Maine, minus the deer in the headlights. Four hours later, along comes Baiona – a charming seaside municipality in Galicia.

Baiona is a popular resort town with its own little place in history. On March 1st of 1493 Columbus’ small fleet (the Pinta) stopped in for supplies while bearing news that the explorer had made it to the (West) Indies. You can’t miss a replica of the Pinta in Baiona’s harbour whether from the shore or the cafe terrace of the majestic Parador situated on rocky cliffs with breathtaking views of the bay.