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The Rhinestone Cowboy

Grammy-winning musician and Alzheimer’s champion Glen Campbell inspires with Goodbye Tour. Campbell turns 80 today. Happy Birthday!

Country music legend Glen Campbell still has it. Calling for action to end the epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease, the musical star and his family are giving fans a run of free performances across the nation this summer. “It is wonderful having my kids join me on stage. I love it,” says Campbell. “Ashley is on keyboards, Shannon plays guitar and Cal is on drums.” They jammed and crooned on Capitol Hill for more than 60 members of Congress and supporters of the Alzheimer’s Association, with Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey, co-chairman of the bipartisan Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease, saying that “the fight against Alzheimer’s has needed a Rhinestone Cowboy for a long time and now Glen Campbell is shining his spotlight on this epidemic, raising the awareness that is needed to ensure we meet the bold goal of curing the disease by 2025.”