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Rhinestone Cowboy

We’re happy that the winner of the Best Music Video at the 57th Grammy Awards was Pharrell Williams for “Happy,” but not totally because it’s so addictive but also because the reccoding is the focus of a widely popular music video produced at Camp Mark Seven’s Deaf Film Camp that benefited from the singer’s GRAMMY wins.

Hollywood on the Potomac interviewed Stacy Lawrence, director of the Camp, in September of 2014 about the music video. You can find the interview here and the video below.

We are also ‘happy’ that Glen Campbell was awarded Best Country Song for “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” – Glen Campbell & Julian Raymond, songwriters (Glen Campbell).

By most anyone’s standards, Glen Campbell has led a successful and rather tumultuous life. He’s made the transition to a better life with the help of his wife Kim. “The Bible says that when you find a good woman, you find a good thing. Kim Campbell’s my good thing. She’s wonderful,” said Glen Campbell on his 2012 Farewell Tour. Kim Campbell accepted the award on behalf of her husband who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

Hollywood on the Potomac covered his Goodwill tour in 2012 as a feature for Washington Life Magazine. For the Rhinestone Cowboy interview click here.