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Resort to yoga

I love my morning ritual. To wake up and be able to enjoy the stillness that comes along with early morning rising is one of my favorites things in life. As I sit here with a hot cup of French Press I am realizing just how much I love the mundane of the everyday.

As humans we are creatures of habit. And with life being as impermanent as it is, we rely on the comfort our daily routine offers.

But only so much is possible in this routine state because we can only grow as much as our space allows. And when we reach our limit, change becomes essential in order to expand the experience of self.

Down Dog’s Yoga retreat at the Haramara Resort is fast approaching, and I can still remember how I felt the first time I experienced life there. It was incredible.

Admittedly, the mind is fickle, and it can be easy for us to lose details along the way. But what we never forget are the feelings that we felt and the people that we felt them with.

What I hold onto the most are the memories of how the group grew together in this shared experience; each one of us discovering a piece of ourselves that we never knew existed.

So I invite you to join me, and the Down Dog team in March to make our own wonderful memories together.

So what if you’ve never surfed before? Who cares?

Whether it be surfing, cooking class, or just enjoying the beauty of the ever-expansive ocean, I dare you to break your routine and step into what newness a week away from the norm can offer. I dare you to discover a new side to you.

Grab your passports, suntan lotion, and your yoga mats, and meet me down at the Haramara Resort ( in Mexico for a week of yoga, surf, adventure, good food, and great company as you explore the depths of you.

Sometimes a simple change in scenery is exactly what we need to appreciate life for what it is.

See you there!

Patty Ivey