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Remember the Homeless in Snowmageddon

I hope that, like me, you have been worrying about our local homeless in this blizzard of the century. For many years we have all supported our Georgetown Ministries Center, created and run by our local churches, Catholic and Protestant, black and white, and our synagogue as well. Gunther Stern and his excellent staff help these needy all through the year, and in the cold winters, we churches house up to two dozen people at a time, moving people and cots every two weeks to another of our churches. Our volunteers cook, serve and eat dinner and breakfast with our guests - but then they are usually put out so the buildings can carry on their business as usual. But where can they go in days like this? They formerly often sat in our Georgetown Library, but that is still closed for reparations. This freezing week Gunther reports that our local homeless are sheltered at Georgetown Presbyterian Church, always a caring group. I recall when Marty Ferris walked through a snowstorm with food while we at St. John's Church were holding the shelter there. We can all be so grateful to Gunther and GMC, and we can continue to send them not only our gratitude but also our financial support. They really practice "Love thy neighbor." Learn more at Georgetown Ministry Center.