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Reluctantly, Tudor Place Removes Giant Oak

Chainsaws and a 75-ton crane will arrive in the Tudor Place North Garden Monday morning, May 12, to remove a white oak tree looming more than 100 feet tall that may have taken root in the 18th century.

Arborists have determined that the oak is leaning dangerously, and soil fissures at its roots indicate failure. Tudor Place staff, Board, and supporters are bidding a reluctant farewell to this old friend. The tree stands out even on a property renowned for old-growth specimens, including the ancient Tulip Poplar named by the America the Beautiful Fund as D.C.’s “Millennium Tree.”

“The loss of this majestic tree will reshape Tudor Place’s north landscape,” said Executive Director Leslie Buhler. “However, just as previous owners honored the site’s past while planning for its future, we will replace it with a new white oak in the fall.”

To defray the extraordinary cost of removing and replacing the oak and sustaining and replenishing the site’s other tall trees, Tudor Place will be establishing a fund.