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Recoup unveils cause-marketing consumer network

“Today’s consumers are seeking out companies and services that are involved with a cause they care about.” says Gianluca Pivato, Recoup’s co-founder. “With Recoup, the merchants form a bond with like-minded consumers, shoppers come away feeling good about their purchases, and worthy causes benefit from new sources of donations. We enable consumers to ‘repurpose their purchases’.”

Unveiled today, this new Washington D.C.-based philanthropic social engine brings businesses, consumers and nonprofits together for social good through an innovative system where participating merchants offer savings to consumers, and Recoup donates the first 10% of the purchase price to a designated nonprofit. Recoup then gives consumers the flexibility to donate their discount, share the offer with their friends, or increase the size of the gift by donating a portion or the entire discount to the nonprofit and get a tax deduction.

Visitors can explore the site now and preview some of its features and non-profit organizations in advance of Recoup's official late summer launch. For more information, visit Recoup.