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“Now, since this is the fifth year of this great event, I wanted to give you five things to know: A fact is a fact. A fact is a fact. A fact is a fact. A fact is a fact. And, a fact is a fact,” said Chicago Sun Times Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet after being introduced by co-host Cathy Merrill Williams, Publisher & CEO of Washingtonian at the home of public affairs firm Story Partner’s Gloria Dittus for the 5th Annual Washington Women in Journalism Awards to kick-off White House Correspondents’ Dinner festivities. “The impact of this Trump Era is something I do want to get to right away because this is a time where our business is under attack. There’s so many journalists here and people who are involved in dealing with the journalism profession, and I think it’s important just to say that the most important thing in this time here is for a journalist to do our job. I don’t care what platform, but it’s important to do the job and not be distracted by everything going on around you. Get it right. Make the extra call. These principles never change. Look up the extra document. Just the things that you do every day, no matter if it’s your first day or your last.”