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Real Estate Model Attracts Japanese Agents

Jim Bell, founder and managing broker of Beasley Real Estate, LLC, and Beasley agents met with top executives from several Japanese real estate companies last week.

The Japanese companies are Mitsubishi Real Estate Services Co., Ltd., Nomura Real Estate Urban Net Co., Ltd., Sumisho Tatemono Co., Ltd., Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd., Tokyu Livable, Inc., Kanda Tochi Tatemono Co., Ltd., and A.D. Works Co., Ltd.

The meeting was organized by the Association of Real Estate Agents of Tokyo (FRK) for the top real estate firms in Tokyo. They met at Beasley's headquarters in Washington, D.C. for the presentation of Beasley's business model.

The presentation was led by Bell, followed by a Q&A panel. The group of delegates then went on a tour of homes currently listed by Beasley Real Estate between $4-6MM.

"I am honored that Beasley and its business practice has been recognized by high level executives of the industry from Tokyo. This is an incredible relationship to have for our international program." said Bell.