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Real Clear Politics

“Winner, because he’s Donald Trump.” Managing Editor of Real Clear Politics Emily Goodin told Hollywood on the Potomac when asked whether Trump would come out a winner or a loser by bailing on Fox News’ presidential debate in Iowa and why. “I think he’s a huge winner,” said Daily Mail’s political reporter Nikki Schwab in response to the same question. “I think now everyone’s going to have a split screen kind of night. Before it would have been all eyes on Fox News. Now everyone is going to tune into other networks because they want to see what Trump is up to in Des Moines as well. I think that it’s going to be a win for Trump and maybe also a win for Cruz if he dominates this debate and I think it’s going to be very close in Iowa if Cruz does well tonight.” Everyone weighed in on the strange strategy of Donald Trump at the Real Clear Politics and Washington Examiner party sponsored by The Leadership for America at P.J. Clarke’s Sidecar where multiple screens dominated the room and guests took cracks at the winner-loser question.