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The Reagans

The Reagans is an eye-opening four-part series reexamining one of the most powerful and polarizing political couples of our time. Award winning documentarian and journalist Matt Tyrnauer combines archival footage, exhaustive research and first-person accounts from the couple’s inner circle to craft a revealing portrait of their unlikely rise from Hollywood to the presidency and Nancy Reagan’s powerful position at the helm of their unprecedented partnership. A story of power, its legacy and a political performance few knew until now.” Showtime

In troubled times we often collectively refer to yesteryear as “The Good Old Days.” Such is the case now with the Reagan administration. But were they “The Good Old Days?” Matt walked Hollywood on the Potomac through the events leading up to the shaping of both Ronald and Nancy Reagan. You’ll be surprised at both the things you may not have known about them as well as what you may have forgotten. The Reagans offer up a more realistic look at them through a rear view mirror starting from the beginning of “The Myth Machine.”