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Question at City Hall: Who you gonna call?

Knowledgeable folks around the District's city hall are saying that a major problem with Mayor Vincent Gray’s office is there is no “go-to” person there to get things done. Observers say Gray “is acting like he is still the Councilmember from Ward 7” East of the River, not the Mayor. Sources register the following observations and complaints: -- Nobody is in the Mayor’s office to “get it done.” So, a lot of matters are slipping through the cracks. -- The administration is just not functioning the way it should be -- because of this. -- The Mayor is doing constituent services which should be handled by a go-to person in his office. The complaints continue. For his part, Councilmember Jack Evans (Ward 2) says he goes directly to the Mayor, and he says he has no problem with that. Evans says the Mayor is very responsive, and requests downtown and in close-in neighborhoods Georgetown, Logan, Shaw and other Ward 2 areas are getting responses. “I have a very good relationship with Mayor Gray," Evans said. "We communicate by email after 10 o’clock at night. I email him and he emails me. We get things done.” Evans, a 20-year-member of the Council, has learned how to work with the last several mayors -- whether the issue is street light fixing or building convention center hotels. Evans held a rousing re-election fundraiser Thursday at the home of Georgetowner Herb Miller that raised $50,000 for his 2012 re-election campaign. “I was really touched by the outpouring of support,” he said. Approximately 100 people attended the event.