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Pop goes the sweet potato

We discovered Popchips last fall in a gift bag at a local fashion event. They were delicious. Then, we forgot them because we hadn't noticed the brand in grocery stores.


Now that’s all changed. They’re in Georgetown Safeway, Marvelous Market and Giant. Sweet potato Popchips (their newest flavor) will hit Georgetown shelves next month and are available at Popchips on-line and through

As Lauren Pomponio explained to The Georgetown Dish, “Popchips are never fried (unhealthy), never baked (undelicious).” Instead, they're popped using heat and pressure. "All that’s added is a flavorful blend of all-natural seasonings for a delicious snack with less than half the fat of fried chips, fewer calories, and none of the trans fat, fake colors, flavors or preservatives (or greasy fingers) that give snacking a bad name.” And they're gluten free.

One hundred calories never tasted so good.