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Political Hangover

“I love Larry Wilmore. I’ve been a guest on his show. He could not be nicer,” CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield told Hollywood on the Potomac at the CNN’S Political Hangover brunch at Long View Gallery about WHCAD comedian Wilmore over which there was much controversy. “He’s smart, talented. The only thing I didn’t like was his hitting on my bestie Wolf Blitzer. But it’s all in fun and everybody is a big boy and a big girl. We’re all good. I think he’s the greatest and I wish him the best.”

“A struggle….just a struggle, just that easy. A struggle for him and a struggle for the audience. It’s was a struggle,” money guru Suze Orman added to the already piling up comments against Wilmore.

Up or down on Wilmore? “I think it was a dud. Big down. The President was extremely funny; the President did the job that Larry Wilmore should have done last night,” said a guest who wished to remain anonymous. “The President found a really good balance, Wilmore is a little sick. They should have ended with the President. Wilmore was horrible.” This, of course, is pretty much a standard fare reaction to the WHCAD comedians. Think Stephen Colbert or Don Imus.