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The A-Plus List & Beyond

A seasoned DC insider said it this way: “It was the A-List and Beyond.”

Natalia Janetti
Natalia Janetti

Some 1,400 guests ranging from art to culture contributors to social writers to seasoned political types, attended the 75th anniversary of the National Gallery of Art Wednesday night.

The invitational black-tie event, sponsored by the trustees of the National Gallery of Art, brought in museum founders and donors from New York, upscale neighborhoods of D.C., and you-name-it places from around the globe.

No exaggeration, the layout of superb cuisine and the cocktail bars in the main halls went from here to there on either side of the Mercury Fountain. Guests -- including Dame Jillian Sackler, Bob Bennett, Barbara Allbritton, David Rubinstein, and Judith F. Terra -- mingled at tables surrounded by some of the greatest art in the world.

The consensus: the Gallery’s anniversary itself was a work of art.