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Play ball!

Who says there are no holiday miracles? Redskins' linebacker Brian Orakpo, 23, is the only rookie (not to mention Redskin) to be named to the Pro Bowl's NFC team. Pretty impressive for a man who just landed in town. Hollywood on the Potomac and our chief photographer Jeff Malet caught up with Orakpo in September at Morton's to greet fans, a popular annual event in Georgetown. His first time. "Orakpo, who at 23 just graduated from UT Austin in the spring, perched by the front window nibbling shrimp cocktail while nursing a chardonnay. His refined appetite belied some stunning facts: Orakpo bench presses 515 pounds and squats 600. Despite his 263 pounds on a 6’3” frame, he runs a 40-yard-dash in under five seconds. What’s the difference between college ball and the pros, besides Morton’s, he was asked? 'Everyone is big in the NFL,' he said. 'Everyone is big and fast.' But Orakpo doesn’t seem stressed. 'I’m living for the moment,' he said. 'I still feel like I’m 16.'" "Live for the moment" sounds like good advice for 2010. But will it work without the squats?