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Plan V

Single? Divorced? Away from your honey (given the weather, I am guessing many couples who travel for work may be in this situation)? Or just over the traditional Valentine's day hype? Here are things to do if on Valentine's Day if you want to take the best of this holiday, and ignore the worst - or if you just want to be your own Valentine. After all, shouldn't we love ourselves first?

1. Sign up to become a mentor or volunteer, what could be a more loving act? 2. Send an anonymous hand-written note as a secret admirer to someone elderly you know, a neighbor or relative. 3. Go to a gallery or museum and see that show you have been meaning to see for ages. 4. Take the night off and watch favorite movies featuring your favorite heroines. Mine would include The Long Kiss Goodnight and The Thomas Crown Affair (Full disclosure: No one has ever lauded me for my movie choices) 5. Take a last minute trip to visit someone you miss (of the opposite sex or not). 6. Watch the Olympics. Full of dedication, hard work and drama, these incredible athletes are more exciting than even the best of dates. 7. Invite your BFFs to a mani-pedi party at your favorite spa 8. Call three people you love just to tell them you love them (don't mention Valentine's Day) 9. Turn off all electronic devices, and read a book you have been meaning to start.