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The Peoples Pope

“I jokingly say that Harvard Business School could use him to teach rebranding. And politicians in Washington would kill for his approval rating.” Robert Draper, author of the August, 2015 cover story: Pope Francis Remakes the Vatican for National Geographic.

“What surprised me the most about the Pope is that–unlike politicians I’ve covered for the New York Times Magazine–there appears to be no ambition to the man. He never sought out the leadership roles into which he was thrust. He didn’t leave a trail of embittered also-rans behind him,” Draper told Hollywood on the Potomac. “Rather, his ascent owes itself to his being a natural leader, which in turn is due to the fact that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a thoroughly sincere individual: There’s no disconnect between what he says and thinks and what he actually feels. People are drawn to him for that reason–that, along with his sheer intellect and basic generosity of spirit.” And yes, politicians in Washington would kill for his approval ratings!