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Pawn Stars

What's a girl to do? For the last three months, there's been no Mad Man or The Good Wife. Ok, there was The Newsroom but the summer-debuting first (uneven but brilliant) season is over too.

Who knew that a show about a heavily tatooed family that owns a Las Vegas pawn shop selling oodles of Civil War guns (all of which they insist on personally firing), Super Bowl rings and motorcycles, would be totally addictive?

Except for a late 19th century French, hand-blown glass wine-making contraption, after watching 24 episodes (in less time than I'm going to admit), there's been nothing I even remotely want to own. But now, I'm on a first-name basis with The Old Man, Rick , Corey, and Chumlee. And I know better than to never polish antique Colt revolvers.

"Like a Rolling Chum" from their 2010 season is my favorite episode thus far. Rick, the owner, buys a Bob Dylan 'Self Portrait' album for $50. He then asks Chumlee, shop employee and BFF of Rick's son, Corey, to get Dylan, who happens to be in Vegas performing, to sign it. Rick knows it's a long shot, but a signed Dylan album would be so cool for the shop and greatly add to its value.

The cameras follow Chumlee up and down the strip dangling the album jacket as he searches for Dylan when, finally, he miraculously appears. Surprised, but friendly, the septuagenarian singer asks what he should write. Chumlee cheerily says, "Just sign it to Chumlee." Dylan complies and Chumlee valiantly returns having completed (so he thinks) his boss' mission.

You can guess what happens next.

Good thing the new fall TV line-up is upon us, or I might just well need a Pawn Stars intervention.