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Pass the Foie Gras

By contributor Donna Shor

Once a year Barry Glassman, president of McLean’s Glassman Wealth Services, puts down the stock quotes and takes up a ladle in the effort to fight the illness affecting 700,000 plus brain tumor sufferers in the U.S.

Utilizing his culinary skills, he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund research and offer comprehensive care to victims across the nation.

At Saturday night’s Twelfth Annual Chef Night, he succeeded yet again. As the event’s fame has spread, supporters jumped from 150 last year to 230 this year partying at The Powerhouse, a new venue in Georgetown big enough to hold the sizable crowd.

This is the repurposed building on Grace Street that housed the power source for the old paper mill nearly 100 years ago and later stored Georgetown’s streetcars. It’s a gorgeous space in industrial-chic style, with two huge floors and a terrific overlook down from the second – a great party venue.