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Party Like a Pro

Tips for everyone.

A good friend once told me her father always said it's a good idea to drink before you drink with a big glass of water before heading out for an evening of revelry.

As a wellness coach I found that advice brilliant so I created other clever little hacks for navigating holiday eating and drinking. Let's face it, December can be a minefield of calories and naughty noshes.

Have you ever attended a holiday party after a LONG action packed day? 
Starved yourself in anticipation of treats to come, skipped lunch and failed miserably to hydrate. 
It’s the perfect storm for arriving at a party thirsty, hungry and low on willpower.

Here is why you NEVER want to be a thirsty drinker! 
Gingerbread Martinis sound good and go down like water when you are hypoglycemic and dehydrated. Your Spanx won’t stand a chance at the buffet.

Instead use these tips to enjoy every special occasion and feel good all season.

Drink Before You Drink:
   - Hydrate throughout the day to avoid arriving at social events thirsty.
   - Consuming water before indulging in alcoholic beverages can prevent excessive drinking.
   - Staying well-hydrated helps control appetite and food choices.
   - Never arrive at an event thirsty, as this can lead to overconsumption of alcoholic beverages.
   - Dehydration may contribute to poor decision-making, such as agreeing to stand under the 

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Zestfully Yours,