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Party Lessons from a Blizzard, 1961

As I watch our snow falling incessantly, I remember my last winter party here. Invitations were mailed about a month ago, for our six to eight o'clock reception in Georgetown. The house was prepared, flowers and all. Caterers had come early so that a bar was set up and delicious cocktail food was ready. My throat hurt pretty badly, and fearing a strep infection, I took to my bed, calling my husband, Eddie Burling, that he would need to host alone that evening. But snow kept falling and didn't let up. When our driver went to pick up Eddie at his office, traffic was dreadful. Indeed, it was so bad that he didn't get Eddie back home till after seven o'clock. By then, one guest arrived despite the snow, had one drink by herself, and left - with no host or hostess available! After Eddie finally arrived, the caterers packed up and left, and we never did find out who it was who came for that lonely drink. This was the famous storm about the time of President Kennedy's inauguration. It taught me a lesson I have always remembered - never try to have a winter party!!! And I seldom have after that one occasion!