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"In my present position at The Motion Picture Association as well as in my former capactiyy as Assistant Secretary of State, I had the pleasure of visiting Korea many, many times and I saw that powerful creativity at work. You feel the energy everywhere and is something that literally binds our two nations together,” said CEO Ambassador Charles Rivkin at a private screening of Parasite in downtown Washington, DC.


“So Parasite is not only an amazing movie, but it’s a great example of what creativity can do when it’s allowed to thrive in a supportive ecosystem. I have the pleasure as the head of The Motion Picture Association to be a member of the Motion Picture Academy. I can’t tell you which film I voted for on Sunday, but I will say that for me the best picture is the movie that stays with you. It’s really something you think about for days after you’ve seen it. I’m certain you’re going to feel that way after you’ve seen tonight’s show.”