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Olympic Kickoff!

Wishing the best for the launch of the Olympics today. In happier times, I co-hosted a dinner with The Ambassador of Japan in honor of winning the Olympic games in Japan. Prior to that Hollywood on the Potomac was selected as a small media delegation to explore the city and the upcoming site of the Olympics. Although I was unable to participate due to a family obligation, my colleagues Brendan Kownacki and Chris Brown went in my stead. There is no one that could have covered that as well as they did and were the envy of the international media team. Their video is below. Click it on. Very funny.

This article was first posted on Dec. 23rd, 2013.

“I am not aware that the Governor Elect (Terry McAuliffe) is an Olympian,” said H.E. The Ambassador of Japan at a celebratory dinner co-hosted by Hollywood on the Potomac in honor of the Tokyo 2020 win, “although he probably should be when you consider that political campaigns are like a decathlon.”