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Not a Robot ... Yet!

We can confirm that Miss America is not a robot! At least not yet. However, that could change in the not too distance future. According to The Halcyon Dialogues event on Robotics at the historic Halcyon House in Georgetown, DC, robots are reshaping human life with the rapidly expanding use of automation and artificial intelligence. So, we were really really happy to meet Cara Mund, the REAL Miss America 2018, in person.

We sat down with the REAL Miss America where she told Hollywood on the Potomac that she wants to be the Governor of North Dakota …… and hey, why not. Cara was the first Miss America from North Dakota and she was really excited about that because she loves North Dakota. “I think the best part is the people. People are always like ‘Oh, what should I go see when I come to North Dakota?’ And I’m always like ‘you don’t really need to go see anything, all you have to do is meet the people.’ You won’t find them anywhere else. You know, I have lived in Providence, Rhode Island. I went to school at Brown. I’ve lived in DC. I’ve lived in New York. You just don’t meet the type of kindness and hard workers that are in North Dakota. What I realized when I was working here in DC on the Hill, I loved representing them and serving as a voice for them. I think sometimes North Dakota has a stereotype and so I really like to break that.” Think Fargo! “People are just so humble and so kind. Going into Miss America [contest] that was one of the first things I said in my interview was that I don’t want you to overlook me. That’s exactly what I did and I became Miss America.”