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Not out of her league

Angie Goff is the entertainment and traffic anchor for WUSA-TV 9 and author of the highly popular blog “Oh My Goff”. Last week she hosted the Washington screening of “She’s Out of My League” at AMC Loews Georgetown Theater before it hits screens nationwide on March 12th. Cast members Krysten Ritter of “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and Alice Eve of “Sex and the City 2” joined Goff who was partially responsible for the heavy turn out by posting the whereabouts of the stars while in town on her blog. “To find out where and when you can meet the starlets you have to “Become a Fan“ of their film or Curbside Cupcakes on Facebook,” she advised. “Tomorrow Curbside Cupcakes goes "Hollywood!" Movie stars will be giving out 100 free cupcakes tomorrow at #GWU near Gelman,” We’ve never understood the cupcake craze, but it had all the right elements for publicity which was not lost on promoters. Others piggybacking on the movie’s theme included radio personality Marilyn Thompson who blogs about beauty, health and fitness on “The movie is about a five (guy) who manages to date a ten so we are here with beauty deals so they can get a makeover.,” said Thompson. We also have WJFK’s movie reviewer Kevin McCarthy as well as representatives from lots of spas and salons who are giving out hot beauty deals.” Goff, a beauty in her own right, doesn’t consider herself a 10 nor has she ever dated a 5. “I don’t know what you consider a 5,” she said. For someone that gets to the studio at 3:30 AM, we’re surprised she even dates at all.

Angie Goff at film screening from Janet Donovan on Vimeo.