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New Generation of Leaders

"Baby boomers also did a lot of job hopping in their youth so it may not be totally a millenium thing," author Charlotte Alter told Hollywood on the Potomac when asked about millennial job loyalty at a book party in her honor co-hosted by Cliff Sloan and Mary Lou Hartman at the home of Susan Tolson & Charles Rivkin. While the book is about politicians, we were curious about this aspect of millennial interaction on the job front since she had accumulated so much data on them.”But I also think that a lot of this has to do with the types of jobs that people are getting and the types of benefits they get. I think a lot of the jobs that are available to young people right now don’t offer benefits, don’t offer health insurance, aren’t paying them that much, so they don’t necessarily feel that sense of loyalty because they don’t feel like the employer has a sense of loyalty to that. I think it’s something like 40% of millennials work as freelancers now. That’s just a way that our economy has fundamentally changed where they don’t have the same kind of long-term corporate employment with all the protections that come with it and with those protections come loyalty.”

Book synopsis: “In The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, TIME correspondent Charlotte Alter defines the class of young leaders who are remaking the nation–how grappling with 9/11 as teens, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, occupying Wall Street and protesting with Black Lives Matter, and shouldering their way into a financially rigged political system has shaped the people who will govern the future. Alter gives the big-picture look at how this generation governs differently than their elders, and how they may drag us out of our current political despair. Millennials have already revolutionized technology, commerce, and media and have powered the major social movements of our time. Now government is ripe for disruption. The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For is a hopeful glimpse into a bright new generation of political leaders, and what America might look like when they are in charge.” Penguin Random House