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NEW DATE: Stroud Foundation’s 5th Annual 'Hoedown' in Georgetown Oct. 27

Brooke and Stephane Carnot will once again host a western themed “Hoedown” at their home in Georgetown on October 27, 2018 from 7:30 to 11:30 pm for dinner and danceing. This special event benefits the Stroud Foundation, named for Mrs. Carnot’s late father, pediatrician Dr. Frank Stroud.

The Stroud Foundation is a tax exempt public charity established in 2008 dedicated to improving the lives of children with learning differences and their families in the DC area with a particular focus on children with ADD/ADHD. The Stroud Foundation was established to honor the memory of Washington DC’s beloved pediatrician Dr. Frank Stroud. Dr. Stroud cared for tens of thousands of children but he was particularly devoted to children with learning differences and their families. He consulted with Psychologists and Psychiatrists who specialized in Learning Disabilities, including ADD and ADHD; he consulted with schools, their nurses and teachers on behalf of the children he treated; and he advocated for children who needed someone that believed in them. He often said, “No child wants to fail.”

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