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My Favorite Cookie Recipe

Smells like caramelized sugar and tastes like love.

My Favorite Cookie Recipe

The holidays have zillions of food traditions, some of which should go away, like fruit cake with little green candied things and cookies made from a box mix.

But some holiday treats are noteworthy and worth savoring and saving.

Growing up, my mother had a shop in our small town called Cliffhangers. Hers was most notably a favorite spot for holiday shopping, and every year, she turned her shop into a magical holiday experience that people still talk about today. Needless to say, as a working woman, cookie-making was low on her list of priorities.

As a culinary professional, when it was my turn to parent and create holiday traditions, cookies were at the top of my list. I had seen traditional holiday cookie platters baked with cherished recipes. So, I took it upon myself to bake 1500 holiday cookies for friends and family. I bought rolls of French wire ribbon, cellophane wrap, and pretty disposable silver trays. Cookie production became annual, and my kids thought it was AMAZING and LOVED the benefits!

Now that I look back, it was something to bake and decorate all those cookies. It's a memory that smells like caramelized sugar and tastes like love.

I got so much pleasure from presenting my gorgeous cookie gifts to people I cared about, and they in turn looked forward to receiving them. 

This year, our adult children started asking for the recipes, a sure sign it's time to hand the cookie mantle to the next generation and type up those dogeared and splattered recipe cards.

Happy Holidays. Enjoy this easy sugar cookie recipe and be sure to make a double batch for sharing.

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