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My BRCA Story

I am writing this as a catharsis and to save lives. Since Angelina Jolie's brave admission, I wanted to tell my story. I was tested positive for BRCA 2 and decided to undergo a prophylactic mastectomy. Like Ms Jolie, I was told I had an 87% chance of getting breast cancer. The decision is very difficult for aesthetic reasons because breasts are so much a part of our femininity and sexuality. I too had a loving and supportive husband throughout this process even when I had nipple-less Barbie Doll breasts. I have just finished my reconstruction, coincidentally on the morning Ms Jolie made her announcement. An amazing medical tattoo artist named Melany Whitney completed my transformation and I am whole again!

The reality is that I was whole the entire time. Breasts do not make us women, strength and compassion do. It was a hard lesson but one I needed to share. Do not be afraid!

Written by Bonni Braverman of Bonni Braverman Interiors LLC, Georgetown-based interior designer