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Music in the Night

“Pride Week is one big festival,” participant Joshua Morgan told Hollywood on the Potomac. “It happens all over the world but at different times; and this is D.C.’s. I live in New York now, but for the six years that I was in DC Capital Pride grew and grew and grew and the events grew and the stars that were part of it grew and it’s just obviously a reflection of, I think, the changing of the world in terms of taking pride in our LGBTA community.”

“When I lived in DC, I was the resident MC and piano bar host at Arena Stage. I’ve always done piano bars and little cabarets, but I do my own thing with them which is basically I just drink and tell inappropriate stories and sing songs. This is the fifth year. I’m trying to think of who was it that brought me in. Someone just said, ‘Would you do kind of what you do’ five years ago for an event with Capital Pride. I said, ‘Sure, but here are my parameters. I can say whatever I want. I do whatever I want and I can pull in all the best people that I want to that represents a pretty diverse sense of our community, including some of the most amazing collegiate kids we have up to the biggest stars in DC and then bring in some name talent.’ The event just went so well and it grew that before you know it, Music in the Night became a marquee event of Capital Pride which is a week long celebration.”