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More about two new liquor licenses in Georgetown

At the September Georgetown ANC meeting, D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration head Fred Moosally announced that two licenses that had been held-in-safe-keeping were going to be issued. The Georgetown Metropolitan reports that Come To Eat going into 3222 O St. intends to create a “family-style American restaurant [with] taped background music only; no other entertainment provided. Sidewalk Café with 20 seats. Seating capacity is 79. Total occupancy is 99.” The second, Malmaison, to be located at 3401 Water Street, will be a “new European dessert bar and lounge specializing in gourmet pastries, refined hors d’oeuvres and exotic cocktails, with DJ and dancing. Seating capacity is 81. Total occupancy load is 241.” GM speculates that that both will receive community scrutiny. Read more