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“They’re all my favorites. I’ve been to all of them,” food writer David Hagedorn told Hollywood on the Potomac about the restaurants that made the new Washington, DC Michelin Guide which was celebrated at The Residence of the Ambassador of France Gérard Araud with the Michelin ‘dough boy’ in tow. “A writer never tells. I’m pleased with all the restaurants that have been chosen, but I think there could have been some others.”

“BRAND-NEW! The MICHELIN Guide goes to Washington! The iconic red-covered restaurant guide, covering the renowned dining scene of the nation’s capital, helps both locals and visitors find great places to eat. All tastes and budgets are represented, with a great diversity of cuisines. Anonymous professional inspectors carefully select restaurants using Michelin’s famed food star-rating system. Lots of photos and great maps accompany the objective reviews. Everything in the guide is recommended, so diners can feel confident in their choices.” Michelin Guide announcement