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Michelin Guide DC

Nothing against tires, but guests that showed up for the Annual Michelin party at the Residence of France weren’t there for tires. Guests indulged in a night of Champagne and gourmet cuisine hosted by Ambassador Gérard Araud and The Michelin Guide DC 2019 team to honor the best restaurants in Washington. So, how did a tire company become an authority on fine dining? Joanie Martin, Chief Administrative Officer for Michelin North America, explained it this way: “I’ve worked for Michelin for more than 21 years, including an assignment at our headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Working in the birthplace of Michelin really helped me understand the essence of the Michelin brand at a deeper level. I’ve traveled to cities across the country to represent Michelin with our customers. I have found that US cities like Washington, DC that have Michelin Guides also have a deep sense of identity and pride, which is expressed so beautifully in the cuisine and experiences created by these extraordinary chefs in their restaurants.”


“Sometimes I hear people ask, ‘The Michelin Guide, is that Michelin, the tire company? How are tires related to restaurants?’ The answer to this question is, of course, yes, it is that Michelin,” Martin further explained. “In the early days of motoring, the Michelin brothers simply wanted to make it easier for people to drive more and enjoy the experience. The Michelin Guide started as a guide to services for the automobiles like fuel and tire repairs, and just a short time later The Red Guide began to include stars that rated the restaurants, the very same ratings framework that continues today.The guides helped establish Michelin as a trusted partner, a companion for trips to enjoy exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey while also giving motorists the opportunity to use their tires. Nearly 120 years later, the same spirit is in the heart of Michelin’s culture. Our purpose is that we care about giving people a better way forward. In a sense, every trip is a special journey. That spirit and purpose inspire Michelin’s entire approach to mobility. We help make it possible for people and goods to move about affordably and efficiently.”