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Metro Coming to Georgetown?

In an update to its two-year study of congested routes published this week, Metro is considering a Georgetown station as one option to reduce backups in the Rosslyn Tunnel

The plan could include a realignment of the Blue Line, the addition of a new second Rosslyn Metro Station, and the construction of a new tunnel to a possible Georgetown station.

Delivering more benefits than the other options currently on the table to address growth and reliability, this plan has an estimated construction cost of $20 to 25 billion and operating costs up to $200 million per year. Metro projects an extra 180,000 weekday trips, and $154 million in new annual fare revenue.

The Georgetown Business Improvement District says they’re hoping the station becomes a reality: "Everybody's on the same page - Metro should come to Georgetown. We're the largest employment center in the District of Columbia that doesn't have a Metro station. We have 23,000 people working here and no metro station. So, it's really time it’s going to take you know a generation to do it, but now's the time to start planning," said Georgetown BID CEO Joe Sternlieb.

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