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Cynicism. Let’s face it…at one point or another even the most optimistic of us are sometimes a little jaded; a little angry; a little negative. Have we met??? We’re all human. This is more like a story that should run during the Christmas season rather than early spring, but for those of us that can get a little cynical; for those of us that find ourselves feeling a little down on the world, perhaps you should have had my weekend—because this was a weekend that not only brought beautiful weather, but some amazing acts of bravery, selflessness and kindness that are more like the stuff of fable rather than truth….especially in an era of entitlement and maybe a little selfishness. No…I have not been kidnapped and replaced by Pollyanna…yes...this is me speaking. Honest.

I give you….

Exhibit A: As I sat in traffic on Friday, cursing those who had cut me off or didn’t let me into the interminable Conga line of automobiles snaking around the circle, I received a text that a puppy that was up for adoption from the Washington Humane Society, who I fell completely in love with, had found a good and loving home. “Nice, but minor,” you say. I respectfully disagree. For those of us out here that love a happy ending, this little living thing will not only thrive, but bring happiness, loyalty, unconditional love and many lovely memories to some very wonderful people, and who knows what an impact this will have on their lives? Who knows how many other love stories like this have had a happy ending for man and beast? To those of you that save these wonderful creatures every day, I salute you. Suddenly the traffic didn’t matter, and how many lights I sat through or when I got back to the office became immaterial. Good heavens!! I was actually smiling….in fact, I was ecstatic.

Exhibit B: While sitting in a restaurant and discussing business, I noticed a homeless man lingering at the establishment’s door. I watched as the owner of the eatery got up from his seat, ushered the man in, sat him down and proceeded to serve him a meal—perhaps the first really good one he had had in quite some time. This was all done quietly and with little fanfare. I might have not even noticed had I not happened to have been paying attention at that moment to those involved. The man received full service, and at the end of his lunch quietly thanked the restaurant owner and was on his way. “Very good, but that was just one man,” you comment. Again, I object. This is a human being—who was treated as one for what may have been the first time that day if not this week…if not this year. I was in awe. I left that venue feeling like perhaps there is hope for all of us. I was fact, I was truly touched.

Exhibit C: A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with Cancer, and not for the first time. I sat by and watched this incredibly vivacious and brave woman get her gorgeous long curls pony-tailed and cut off, Zip-loc bagged and tagged to go to Locks of Love before her chemo takes them. She is now sporting an extremely becoming Mia Farrow Rosemary’s Baby style…and smiling. No wallowing or “why me?” “That’s impressive,” you declare. I wonder how many of us, given the same situation, would have even thought to do this? I was beaming, and maybe shed a tear or two of both joy for her attitude and a little sadness that this wonderful person has to go through this in the first place…but in fact, I was inspired.

Monday will inevitably arrive, and with it another stream of homeless and/or abused animals and people, personal battles, frustrations and honking horns. “That’s life,” you utter. Yes, it is. But so are all my weekend observations. While we all may hit our levels of pessimism by 10 a.m., I, for one, will be appreciative. In fact, if maybe only until 11 a.m., I will be delighted.